Oscars in Madison

The Oscars in Madison was the perfect way to go from Connecticut to the red carpet!  Asiye’s Boutique did an amazing job with the event with live music, wonderful food, and an amazing fashion show! Ian Zeiring hosted the event and we snapped a photo with him.  What a nice, down to earth guy!  It was so fun to get dolled up with girlfriends.  I did my own updo for the first time and it actually came out pretty good!

Did you watch the Oscars?  What were your favorite looks?  M vote for best dressed was Lupita Nyong’o!






Oscar-worthy Appetizers

In honor of Oscar’s Week, food writer and self-acclaimed foodie, Blake Daniels, is sharing some Oscar-worthy recipes for your next gathering!

Hustle Up Some Grub It’s Show Time

   I’ve never hosted on Oscars party before, but this time I’ve been inspired. American Hustle was an epic movie with everything I love—70s hair and clothes, con artists, bribes, corrupt politicians, romance and intrigue to boot! What more could a guy ask for? It was awesome. So this year, in order to see how many awards it racks up, I’m going to be hosting a party for all my and my wife’s friends.

I’m living my own American hustle every day: I’m a stay-at-home dad, so I’m running around with the kids, from the park to the grocery store to piano lessons to swim class at the Y, and I’m always busy. My life is nothing like that ‘70s hustle Irving and Sydney had going. I want my party to really have some of that hustle spirit, though, so I’ve got some sweet hustlin’ foods reminiscent of the ‘70s to rock everyone’s world.

Choc Fondue  In keeping with the theme I thought a vote and ballot box would be perfect to bring another touch of the Oscars to the party. As a reward for voting I wanted to put something sweet next to the ballot box. After some searching I found the perfect thing. Novelty berries all dressed to the 9’s from Shari’s should fit in with the evening. Tuxedo Berries

Now onto the food!

One of my favorite dishes that my mom used to make whenever we had company when I was little was deviled eggs. They always looked beautiful and tasted crazy delicious—it was such a treat when she made them. I will definitely be serving up some of these bad boys along with the appetizers at my party on Sunday.

Another one of my all-time favorites from the ‘70s is pigs in a blanket. My grandma used to make them whenever we came over to her house. We’d snuggle up on the couch, watch some TV, and snack on pigs in a blanket. I’m going to do something a little innovative with my take, though—check out these tasty babies by Guy Fieri. Pigs in a blanket are great, but add some spice and it’ll really kick it up a notch in the deliciousness department. I can’t wait to try this recipe out.

Now here’s one I’ve always wanted to try, but have never indulged in: Welsh rarebit. The toasted bread, the creamy, cheesy savory sauce—it’s right up my alley. I’m going to make little individualized toasted bits of French bread, and smother them in sauce. I think this will be super tasty, though maybe a little messy…Welsh Rarebit

What’s a party without some phenomenal desserts? I’ll only be serving one dessert on Oscars night, but it’s one of my go to dishes: fondue. Nothing feels more luxurious and decadent than enjoying a pot of chocolaty goodness with your friends and family. I’m going to try out Rachel Ray’s recipe—it’s about my speed (Level: Easy), and I love watching her cook. I’m thinking some angel food cake, marshmallows, bananas, and apples would be some great dippers for it.

I am excited to see how this whole thing plays out and how the guests enjoy it. What would you do if you were to host an Oscar Party?

Oscars Inspiration

I have always loved the Oscars; it is so fun to see what your favorite stars will come up with on the red carpet and to me, it’s like the Superbowl for women.  This year, I am doing something extra special and am attending a live Oscar viewing party on the “red carpet” in Madison, CT hosted by 90210’s Ian Zerring.  The event is an annual event put on my the amazing Asiye’s Boutique. Stay tuned for my pics after that event!

What are you doing for the Academy Awards?  I thought I would share some of my dress picks, especially since prom is right around the corner. We have all heard of Rent the Runway but I found a site that has gorgeous dresses at reasonable prices to buy for any event.  It’s called Victoria’s Dresses and here are my picks for this season’s formal wear.  I am loving the pale yellow & sequins as well as the lace details on both chiffon dresses.


Who do you think will be best-dressed this Oscar season?

My Red Carpet :)

This past weekend was a much-needed couple of days of relaxing with friends & family.  Sushi, The Oscars, and pretty nails were a great recipe to this weekend.

{Our sushi platter, one word: heaven}

{Me & Alice, cheers!}

{My DIY quick manicure. Plum and blue sparkles as an accent}

{although I won’t smoke any, I find my hubby’s humidor pretty cool}

{My personal fave Oscars look.  Jennifer Lopez is just not human! :)}