Neon Highlights

It’s that time of year to get your brightest accessory and pair it with your favorite outfit.  Clutch, shoes, nails, bracelet- neon works anywhere and everywhere. 

{some adorable Neon accessories, especially love the dress with the neon trim!}

{celebrity neon inspiration}

Neon Touches

Neon has been an in & out trend since the 80’s.  It’s definitely in an “in” phase right now.  The key is subtly and using neon to accent rather than define your outfit.  Neon is a super fun way to really light up your look.


{Neon nails with an understated grey dress makes for a perfect accent}


{Ruthie Davis Neon stilettos}

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{Colorful accessories to brighten you up a bit}

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{Even a bright yellow highlighted-color shirt looks awesome & daring with a Chanel bag :)}

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{The perfect understated neon touch}

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