Hair Chameleon

When it comes to fashion & hair, I am sort of like a chameleon–always changing.  I find that since I do not take many daring risks like skydiving or gambling that chopping my hair off or dying it dark is an adrenaline rush for me.  I am an Aries (the fire sign) and Aries tend to love change and get bored easily.  My go-to signature look is long highlighted blonde hair and is the most “me” look, however once in a while it’s fun to completely change your look.  I decided to go through a few of my different looks and see what you think!

{Platinum blonde long hair.. my college days}

{super short blonde bob}

{chesnut with long curls}

{chestnut with bangs}

{medium blonde with long extensions}

{medium brown short cut}

{highlight&lowlights with long layers}