The Kimono


Kimonos have been in trend for a few years now but this spring and summer, there are even more styles that are easy to wear.  You don’t have to be indie-style to pull one off, either.  They are the perfect casual accessory and flattering on just about everyone.  Move over, cardigan, the Kimono is light as a feather and as edgy as Lorde.

The most fascinating thing about Kimonos is their history, which is a traditional Japanese garment. Kimono means “thing to wear” in Japanese and both men and women have worn them for centuries in Japan for special occasions and as statement pieces.


celebritiesKimonos{printed Kimonos are the stars’ street style}

floral Kimono{It’s a steal! In love with this floral Kimono that’s only $13 on sale at  Ark here.}

KimonosUnder50{Beautiful printed styles all under $50 at Ark}

Have you hopped on the Kimono trend yet? If so, how do you style it?