DIY Halloween Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time of year because you can get away with wearing too much makeup, too short skirts, and any color hair.  This can be a fun adventure & a great excuse to get a little creative!  Out-of-the-bag Halloween costumes can be very cute but sometimes it’s fun to put something together on your own because you know it’s unique.. and you can save a lot of money which we can all use! Here are some ideas.  Have you done a DIY costume before?  Please share! xo

Rosie the Riveter: I love this idea- grab a red bandana & blue collared shirt and you have a great costume & so cheap!

DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100: Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn: So fun & so easy.  You may even already have a black dress  to pair it with!

Katy Perry:  You can do so much. Fund a colorful outfit, grab a lolli-pop and  buy a blue wig & you are all set!

Black Swan:  FInd a black tutu, a black top, tiara, and do some awesome makeup to pull this off!