Easter traditions

I love the U.S. because it’s such a mixing pot of different cultures.  Growing up, I lived in a small city where people were from all over the world- Mexico, Poland, Russia, Puerto Rico, Nigeria and so on.  I always had a fascination with my friends’ family traditions and cultures.  Since my mom is from Poland and also a Catholic, one of our most important traditions is the blessing of the Easter baskets, which in Polish is called Swieconka.  This happens on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter) and  Saturday we take to=our decorated baskets to church, filled with sampling of traditional food to be blessed such as kielbasa, babka, eggs, pastries, and a chocolate or butter lamb representing the Lam of God.  It’s my favorite traditions because it brought our family together and my mom and her sisters would dress all the girls up in little dresses and bad haircuts as you can see below!

 POlishEaster{Not much has changed. Left: Easter circa 1989| Right: Easter 2014}


{my Easter basket}


{my mom and I on Easter day}


{getting our baskets blessed at the beautiful Sacred Heart cathedral church}


{my sweet goddaughter, Alexa}


{cousins, taking on the family tradition}easter1

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter with loved ones.  I know this year for me, it will be extra hard to celebrate Easter with the loss of my Uncle Joe.  We have such a tight-knit family and we miss him dearly, especially during the holidays because he loved spending time with family.  Hope you all enjoy your family & friends to the fullest. xoxo

I will be doing my traditional Polish Easter basket tomorrow with my mom! See Polish Easter basket traditions here.

After looking at old photos, I realized my mom dressed me up in the most ridiculous Easter dresses and I always seemed to have a bowl haircut of some sort! Thanks Mom!