DIY Bracelets

Have some old friendship bracelets from the 90s lying around?  Instead of throwing them away and buying more accessories, why not go green & recycle those babies?  They can be very cute if you pick up a metal like the one pictured below and tie them to the metal, then stack your faves! 🙂

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DIY Neon Toe Shoes

Ok, so I am not the craftiest person in the world but when I saw this DIY neon toe shoes project, I was thinking that I can totally do this.  Coloring the tips of some old flats or neutral pumps can really pump up your pumps.  I found this on 

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{Materials needed: Nude Patent Pumps, Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint, Packing Tape & Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray}



{cover shoes with towel and SPRAY!}