DIY Christmas Platter Under $5 and Under 5 Minutes!

This DIY platter made on hard candy is so easy and such a fun craft to do on Christmas Eve. I originally got the idea from The Chew and it is the perfect host gift or a great way to serve your favorite Christmas cookies.

You will need:
* Package of hard, red and white swirl mint candies (unwrapped)

* Parchment paper and whatever shape baking dish you want to use.

Directions: Pre-heat oven. Place the unwrapped candies about a quarter inch apart on the parchment lined baking sheet in desired shape and size.  Place in the oven, checking after about five minutes to see if the candies have melted into each other. Once the mints have melted into each other, remove from oven to a cooling rack.

Wait 30 seconds and trim the edges with a pizza cutter to straighten and perfect.  Let sit to harden for about 5 minutes and Voila!






5 DIY (easy) projects

DIY websites can be really fun and inspiring and some can be very… intimidating.  I love DIY but am not an expert DIYer.  I stick with the easier projects that are for amateurs.  I have found a few projects that I find to be very “doable” for any level of DIY!

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{spray paint folded chairs to coordinate colors for your next party}

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{this looks like a project I would hand over to my mom or aunts but I had to share!  It is such a great idea}

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{duct tape bow.. adorable!}

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{Take a large picture frame, put scrapbooking paper or fabric under the glass and add drawer pulls to each end. Makes a beautiful tray!}

(wine cork coasters.. such a great gift if you save the special corks!}

DIY Glitter Lantern

Summer is all about pool parties, picnics, and barbeques and since 4th of July is coming up, I am sure there are many summer bashes to be thrown.  I thought this glitter lantern idea was adorable, especially for a 4th of July party or summer birthday and it’s so easy.  Since I glitterfy a lot of things, I was lucky enought to already have spray glitter from when I glittered my plain old black flats from this post.  I have found these plain white lanterns at dollar stores- so cheap & easy!

DIY Bracelets

Have some old friendship bracelets from the 90s lying around?  Instead of throwing them away and buying more accessories, why not go green & recycle those babies?  They can be very cute if you pick up a metal like the one pictured below and tie them to the metal, then stack your faves! 🙂

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