“It’s the Little Things.”

I am launching a new weekly series called “It’s the Little Things.” These post will be compiled of little moments or photos that make me smile and hopefully brighten your day, too, because it is the little things that sometimes matter most!

{Mini Cadbury eggs, a surprise treat from my husband when I told him I had a chocolate craving}

{Jingles getting cozy on my new glider for the nursery}

{A touching story about a friend who donated her salon services to women affected by abuse}

Spring Blooms

There are so many things I love about Spring and my two favorite things about this wonderful season are that my birthday is in April and I love Easter! I celebrated my birthday this weekend my family and friends and had the perfect balance of pampering & partying.

My family (on my mom’s side) is from Poland so Easter is all about kielbasa, delicious homemade Polish rye bread, and beautiful ornate Easter baskets that get blessed at our church. Below are a few favorites in my home this week; it definitely feels like Spring!

{Beautiful two-toned tulips as our centerpiece}

{Jingles sunbathing, enjoying  longer days & more sunlight}

{Classic Easter treats}

{Favorite candle that smells like Hawaii and fresh pineapple as decor & dessert}