Return of the Belly Shirt

16 was a huge year for me. Of course I was ecstatic to get my license but also on my 16th birthday, I got my belly button pierced.  It was so exciting I went out and bought tons of belly shirts and felt soo cool.  Like bell bottoms, belly shirts became popular in the 60s-70s hippie era and has had waves of popularity in the 90s.  Well ladies, they have come back with a vengeance.  Adorably flirty and sexy, these midriff baring shirts will get you out of any ticket and may get you into trouble. 😉

Abs not included.

{Miley Cyrus in a simple workout outfit, baring her flat tummy}

{the queen of showing her abs off, Carrie Bradshaw!}

{peekaboo shirt if you do not want to show it all}