My Man Crush ❤

I am so proud of this guy! My hubby, Ryan, is the Treasurer of a local breast cancer non-profit organization, The Linda Clemens Breast Cancer Foundation. Every May is their annual Pink Glove Party, which is their charity gala to raise money to help local women affected by breast cancer. It was a huge success & Ryan worked so hard to prepare for this successful event.  Here are a few photos we took while on our way to the event.

hubby{Ryan lookin’ dapper before the event}

lcbc2 {The board members being recognized.  Ryan is 2nd from right}

DSC_0658{My cousin, Cat & I ready for a fun night! Not much fits right now so stuck with a simple black, maxi dress}


{Aqua Turf did an amazing job hosting the 6th Annual Pink Glove Party}

lcbc3{My cousin Mike & I on the “pink” carpet”}

pinkglove{Selfie status before we headed out, of course}

Tanger Outlet Foxwoods| Grand Opening

A lot of people think of Connecticut as small-town rural state but the beauty is that it has the charm of the rural neighborhoods, scenic routes, local vineyards while also having a lot of options for entertainment and shopping.  I am thrilled that one of CT’s own casinos, Foxwoods Resort is opening up a Tanger Outlet for even more fabulous shopping right here in CT!  Today is the Grand Opening and there are so many great sales and incentives, including a chance to meet the Property Brothers, Jonathan & Drew Scott! .  I was lucky enough to partner with Easy Spirit for an upcoming style post (stay tuned!) and excited that Easy Spirit will have a location at the new Tanger Outlets| Foxwoods.  Easy Spirit is known for their amazingly comfortable shoes while still being fashionable which, for me is super important.  Below are some awesome deal Easy Spirit will be offering through June 2nd!  Also, for more Grand Opening sales at Tanger Outlets| Foxwoods, you can check them out here. Happy Shopping!




It’s the Little Things: Series

{Jingles sleeping on a pretty pillow}

{Must-have accessories for summer: Ray bans, MK wallet, Alex&Ani bracelets & my face Guess watch}

{Sausage, mozz & basil flatbread grilled pizza makes for a perfect mid-week dinner}

{Admiring the perfect hardware on my beautiful vintage Chanel bag}

Celebrity-inspired Maternity Fashion: Seraphine Maternity

Looking good while pregnant can be a challenge, especially because comfort precedes fashion at times. I do not care how amazing something looks at this point; if it’s not comfortable, I’m not wearing it! I was so happy to collaborate with Seraphine Maternity because their clothing is so well-made and truly designed for maternity.  This Grey Space Dye Knit Maternity Maxi Dress was so comfortable and flattering since the fabric is sooo soft and flattering.  The dress is meant to grow with you and also be worn post-maternity which is an absolute plus as well!  I saw how Christina Aguilera styled the dress & tried to steal her look!

PicMonkey Collage



{Gray Maxi dress: Seraphine Maternity| Black faux leather jacket: Express| Arrow triangle earrings c/o Serene Sky Boutique| Name plate necklace c/o Eve’s Addiction}

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Pregnancy


With just 2 weeks left, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with pregnancy since I am (gladly) almost done being pregnant. Not a lot of my close friends have children yet so when it came to being pregnant- I knew the bare minimum. I figured I would be hungry all the time, get emotional, and pop out a kid. Well, I didn’t think it was that easy but I definitely didn’t think it was the journey that it has been.

1. The way your body goes into complete shock. I heard about morning sickness and back-pain but I never really understood how intense your body can react to growing this little human inside. In the beginning, I am not going to lie, it literally feels like a parasite has taken over your body. From morning all-day sickness to extreme exhaustion, heart brun, restless leg syndrome, and breasts the size of your head (literally!) the changes in your body are so drastic and sudden.

2. Food aversions. I heard of cravings but never realized how severe food aversions could be. I could not even look at the sight of any type of meat, cheese or anything non-carb related. Thank god for prenatals because for the first 20 weeks, I was living off of bread and salad.

3. You’re an emotional wreck. Seriously, I cried at Folgers commercials. Pregnancy hormones are the real deal. Luckily, my husband was extremely patient with me and knew it was a temporary status (Hopefully).

4. How much people care. People are so nice and you realize that even more when you’re pregnant. I feel lucky to have had people go out of their way to give up their chair, help me carry something, and overall be extremely compassionate and helpful throughout this pregnancy. Now that I have been threw those agonizing times where I just wanted to sleep instead of do anything else or could barely walk because of back pain, I will pay it forward to all pregnant women I see because I can now relate.

5. You are part of a “Mom-community.” Yes, even before you pop out that kid, you are part of this closed “Mom” group. From playdates to breast feeding questions, all of a sudden, everyone wants to discuss and make you a part of these discussions.  Other moms also expect you to have an opinion on everything too: Will you breast feed? Will you circumcise?  Will you let your baby “cry it out”?  All of these questions can be extremely overwhelming, especially, like me,  if you have no experience with children.  Listening to other Moms and educating myself, it seemed to become less overwhelming once I gained some confidence that I will not be perfect, but I will be a good Mom.