Stars in Stripes

When I am shopping with my bff she always makes me put down striped shirts, dresses, and pants, and rightfully so.  I have so many striped items in my closet- it’s sort of an obsession.  For some reason, my eye is always drawn to colored stripes & the size or width of the stripe can make something look completely different.  So, I figured I’d share some of my favorite striped looks.

Pinned Image

{Mark Jacobs colorful striped flowy dress}

Pinned Image

{wall stripes- so cool}

Pinned Image

{classic B&W striped shirt, one of my fave looks}

Pinned Image

{Nautical stripes, a celebrity favorite}


{print & stripes add some texture}

Pinned Image

{in <3 with this manicure}

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